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Creating an integrated meeting room is a combination of audio and video components that make up the perfect meeting space. We help you design, engineer, and manage collaborative a/v integration projects – from the lighting and furniture to the right technologies and maintenance moving forward.

The term “audio visual integration” is used quite a bit by organizations to describe the work that they do. The term is well known within the “industry” and customers may even use the term to describe a potential project, but what does it really mean?

When thinking about the term, one has to look at the application of the technology within a particular business or organization. What are you attempting to accomplish within the room? It might be as simple as wanting to have a display that you can hook your laptop up to and present slides. Or maybe it’s a bit more involved where video conferencing, presentations, cable TV, Blu-ray players, and overall lighting and shading control are desired. With that level of complexity, it’s time to think integration.

    The truth of the matter is that there is not one company that makes of all of these different technologies. If there was, it might be as simple as connecting all of them together and creating the final room. But, since different vendors are providing the technology, the challenge comes down to a couple areas:

  • How to get all of these technologies to work together
  • How to enable seamless control of all devices from a single interface

The answer to both is audio visual integration! The process of integration involves creating the connections between these devices (usually through a series of switchers or matrix devices) and then programming software that connects the devices and enables that seamless switching.

Beyond the technology, it’s important to understand what these types of environments truly do. They provide a specific set of technologies, with specific customizations, to meet unique customer and business needs. It’s about creating an environment conducive for collaboration and addressing the business needs at hand.

The modern boardroom & conference room design features high-resolution displays of up to 4K for improved image clarity resulting in crisper more engaging presentations. This means that communicating finer details like intricate graphs, detailed spreadsheets and high-definition photographs etc., is simpler than ever before. These displays can also be touch sensitive, which allows information to be annotated to convey ideas in a more dynamic and precise way.

Wireless presentation technology enables BYOD, which allows presenters to walk in even with mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone, and present content seamlessly and wirelessly. Highly intuitive control systems let the presenter get the room lighting, projector and other devices ready with the touch of a single button.

Boardrooms & Conference Rooms designed by us improves the environment for meetings, improves operational client interactions and helps reduce corporate travel expenses. It also provides meeting participants with the flexibility to participate remotely, in case they are unable to be physically present.

As a Value Added Reseller ("VAR'') BHSPL has a special relationship with our manufacturers to provide services that add value to their product(s).

As a customer, selecting the right VAR is critical to ensure your needs are met. We, packages together the equipment and installation to provide the best value -we are right by your side from purchase to installation, training, and post-installation support to ensure your project is hassle free and that the project is right for you.