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Create a more compelling, interactive learning environment with video conferencing and telepresence solutions. As costs have come down and reliability has increased, educators are discovering the value this technology can bring to the classroom environment.

Video conferencing creates virtual meeting experiences so realistic, students and educators feel as if they are in the same room, even when miles apart. By allowing real-time, two-way interaction, video conferencing effectively simulates the experience traditionally obtained face-to-face in the classroom.

All of our audio visual solutions are based on open standards that accommodate multi-vendor interoperability and leverage existing network infrastructure. Purple Wave works with all of its education customers to help them maximize the return on their investment, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. Discover the unlimited potential of video conferencing in the classroom. Here are just some of the ways to enhance your student’s educational experience with video conferencing solutions:

Expand the Curriculum with Virtual Field Trips

Video conferencing makes it possible for students to safely visit new places without leaving the classroom. Museums, aquariums, science labs, zoos, and governmental agencies offer educational video conferencing tours to students.

Increase Students Ability to Learn

Real-world examples of classroom lessons make learning more interesting. Attention to the subject matter increases, and retention rates improve.

Facilitate Student Collaboration

Students from different parts of the country work together on the same project, giving students a new perspective on their assignments.

Increase Access to Specialized Experts

Video conferencing gives students the rare opportunity to talk to a national pool of experts in various fields of study. These experts include college professors, authors, and scientists.

Professional Development for Educators

Teachers can learn new skills or earn a degree without leaving their school, providing students a more comprehensive learning experience in return.