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Smart home – residential extension of building automation, makes use of latest technology for complete centralized control of motorized curtains, lightings, blinds, air-conditioners and electrical appliances. This technology also integrates with many other systems like card access control system, CCTV, audio-video (AV) system, garden watering system to offer you the enhanced comfort and convenience with security.

Even control your office’s music, lights, temperature, video sources and more, from an in-wall touch screen. Program it all to switch from work mode to meeting mode at the press of a button. These office automations solutions are built around with the future growth platforms, so you can invest in a system that offers you many benefits.

BigHub makes home intelligent to simplify life. Our automation system offers centralized control of all electrical devices, integrated at one place, which then uses information technology and via a computer, gives the power to control the home appliances using a remote. With integrated control at one fingertips, managing home becomes simplified. You have control over lighting, curtains, air conditioner, and other appliances just at the touch of a button. These home automation products ensure not just control rather ascertain ease, security and energy efficiency.

Whether yours is a new or existing structure, installation of home automation system is simple and possible. All it requires is control over the telephone or Internet. This system allows you to have a constant vigil at the areas that require high security. More are the number of devices, more desirable it gets to have automation system for better control. Simple installation of this system may be useful for simple controls like turning on or off the lights. Whereas advanced installations can sense presence in rooms, adjust and restore settings of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) to energy saving. On detection of suspicious movement, home automation systems raise an alarm or in the absence of an occupant can call the owner or emergency services.

In our over demanding lifestyles and busy schedules of today, the urban India relies on home automation system ensuring ease, security and energy efficiency at all times.