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Your Business Acceleration takes an important step when we ensure mobility and availability of information anywhere, anytime, and across platforms. BHSPL has expertise in providing mobility solutions across verticals which primarily comprise of WLAN and SSL VPN solutions. With multiple devices being connected to enterprise networks to access information, the demands on a CIO to manage security are increasing. By partnering with BHSPL for your mobility solutions, you can transform your IT infrastructure as being a key business enabler with a competitive edge With our Network Infrastructure Solutions, you can start focusing on rolling out new services rather than analyzing infrastructure readiness every time a need arises.

We fulfill your demand for a convergence and service-centric network layer. To fulfill current and future requirements, we help you to focus on building up high performance, simplified and flexible networks so that you can focus on accelerating your business without any technological restrictions.

BHPL, we understand the paradigm shift about expectations from networking infrastructure as we specialize in providing delay sensitive applications like voice and video.

    Got these common challenges? We got you covered.
  • Improve productivity by reliable and faster network architecture
  • Improve user experience by deploying SOA
  • Reduce operational cost by deploying scalable and simplified architecture

With our knowledge, skill, and experience in NIDC, we are able to stitch together various building blocks to offer a seamless experience to your end customer. Your organization’s efficiency is our focus and we make you access your information anywhere, anytime.

Get ready for a well-planned, latency sensitive, future ready network for a ubiquitous presence.

As part of the Network Infrastructure solutions, BHSPL has developed and implemented an effective, holistic, and flexible security solution strategy through the use of appropriate technologies like Network Switch, Routers, WLAN, Firewall, IDP, SIEM, NAC, Identity Management, End Point Protection, Wireless Security, and Mobile Device Management.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Switching & Routing:

High–performance? Delivered! Do you know that even milliseconds of latency can harm your business presence? Overcome your network issues and go real-time with your customers with the help of our technologically advanced business applications. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, we meet all your requirements including high performance with high reliability, simplification of LAN network layers, the ability to treat different applications with a different set of parameters, support for latest security trends, ease of management and green solutions with low operational costs. Our experts study your business needs thoroughly, transforming these needs into a simplified, resilient, QOS aware, service oriented and energy efficient LAN solution with minimal running costs.

An optimized WAN network Cut traveling costs and increase productivity through a real-time unified communication system amongst various user groups across the organization. We helps you to build a multi-location, VPN based, highly available, optimized WAN network minimizing capital investments as well as running WAN bandwidth and management costs.

Near-zero downtime Building up telecom networks, increasing capacities, and simplification of various carrier network layers needs a lot of planning along with highly experience people to design and deploy, and a lot of investment in spares and support structure. BHSPL carries a rich experience to help telecoms build MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Core and Edge networks.


    BHSPL meets all your storage related issues with the latest technology to enable you to carry out your business functions effortlessly while we manage the technology.

  • Disk Storage Systems: Enterprise SAN and NAS
  • Disk Backup Systems: Virtual Library Systems, D2D Backup, Removable Disks
  • Tape Drives and Blades: LTO, DAT, Simple and fully Automated Tape Libraries.
  • Back-up and Archival Solutions
  • Virtualized and Unified Storage Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

    Reduce your hardware footprint and energy consumption with an efficient cloud ready infrastructure through Virtualization. BHSPL’s expertise in design and implementation across multiple technologies has helped deliver large-scale, multi-location projects for clients globally. These solutions have helped customers improve productivity and run applications smoothly.

  • Server Consolidation and Infrastructure Optimization
  • Desktops Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization