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Public safety and security is a rising concern in this advanced world. Companies, schools, factories, airports and other businesses also face severe threats and attacks from intruders. we offers world’s leading security and surveillance systems which are designed with exceptional quality standards. We provide high resolution surveillance security systems for both domestic and commercial applications. We are committed to deliver the best security system and services economically and to improve our security product designs continuously to achieve the client satisfaction. From single camera to multi-site camera configuration, we will design security systems that meet your surveillance security requirements.

    Benefits & Features:

  • Constant and real-time monitoring of the facility and processes
  • Recorded events for measuring productivity
  • Remote access to the facility through the internet
  • Direct connection to your DVR and other recording equipment

Electronic Security Systems:

Biometric time and attendance devices and systems

Our Attendance Biometric devices provides precise attendance management thus cutting down on administrative time, preventing time negligence and human errors and can help you to monitor if you have employees working on fixed time, flexible time as well contractual time. Thus our simple and affordable attendance biometric system is a practical solution to all problems related to manual time keeping process.

Fire Alarm Systems:

A set of electronic devices that work together to notice and alert people through visual and audio appliances. These alarm systems are activated by smoke detectors, heat detectors or water flow sensors, which are either automatic or from a manual fire alarm pull station.

Voice Evacuation System:

This is a supervised In-Building Emergency Communications System with 24 VDC batteries backup. It can function as an emergency messaging, evacuation, paging, and employee notification.

Few other systems provided by us includes X-Ray Metal Scanners, Airport Baggage Handling Systems, Guard Tour Management System, Intrusion, Burglar Alarm System, ID Card Printing, Personal Tracking Systems and RFID