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A monumental shift in the way we communicate is already upon us, but there is more to come as unified communications connects your desktop to the world. BigHub is poised for the merging of meeting technologies from email software and telecommunications straight through to teleconferencing suites. Organizations now more than ever need more agile and effective teams. The desire to meet quickly with teammates near and far, share ideas, and collaborate on critical projects has fueled the demand for visual collaboration. To meet this growing demand, organizations seek integrated solutions that can be easily and consistently deployed. We delivers the industry’s best video collaboration solution with a modern design that deploys anywhere in minutes.

For business executives, the pain of frequent travel is surpassed only by the convenience and effectiveness of personal meetings – whether it’s with clients, prospects or colleagues. But, what if you could replace the rather limited web conferencing experience with a much powerful (like in the same room), high-definition (1080p video and HD audio) powered conferencing experience?

A High-definition video conference system helps organizations and teams ensure that critical business meetings happen when they are necessary, and not just when it’s convenient to travel. This allows things to proceed quickly in an environment where time is literally money.

But High-definition technologies bring other more tangible benefits to your conferences and meetings. The exceptional video and audio clarity that results from 1080p@30fps video and HD audio support considerably enhances the conferencing experience. When clubbed with noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies, this ensures echo-free natural conversations on each and every video call.

Auto tracking high-resolution cameras and “look-at-me” buttons ensure that the speaker is always on screen, and that even fine details in documents and charts are visible to all participants, either at the near or the far end. Support for different types of VC platforms — dedicated network over secured VPN, shared IP network, over ISDN, via a Skype-type service or using Cloud VC — can also be incorporated into the video conference system.

Videoconferencing is at the foundation of changes in communication, and BigHub has provided solutions for power users in this category since the technology first arrived. Now, the company is building on its expertise and looking forward to the connection of voice, data, and video from the office, to meeting spaces, and beyond.

BigHub can automate your corporate boardroom or conference room for effective presentations and meetings. We offer a full line of boardroom and conference room automation tools to accomplish your needs.