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TASKalfa 4012i

TASKalfa 4012i
TASKalfa 4012i
TASKalfa 4012i
TASKalfa 4012i
TASKalfa 4012i
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  • Model: TASKalfa 4012i
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General Type: B/W Multifunctional for A4/A3 format
Warm-up time:  Approx. 18 seconds or less from power on
Power consumption: Printing: 600 W, Stand-by: 100 W, Energy saving priority: 1.0 W or less
Input capacity:100-sheet multi-purpose tray, 45–256 g/m² (A3, A4, A5, A6, B5, Ledger, Letter, Legal, Folio, Custom (98 x 148 to 297 x 432 mm); 2 x 500-sheet standard universal paper cassette, 60–163 g/m², (A3, A4, A5, B5, Ledger, Letter, Legal, Folio)
Max. input capacity with options: 4,100 sheets A4
Duplex unit: Duplex as standard supports A5R–A3, 60–160 g/m² 
Max. output capacity : Standard 300 sheets, 250 sheets face-down (Main Tray) plus 50 sheets (standard Job Separator Tray), Max 3,200 sheets with options

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